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We Find Solutions

At MarketCast we find solutions suited to the problem, rather than reaching for one off-the-shelf. We aim to amplify the voice of the consumer and support strategic decision making at every stage of the marketing life cycle. Our focus is on providing a consistent and frank dialogue  and work with our clients to find customizable solutions that fit their unique qualitative and quantitative research needs.


Beyond our work on specific entertainment releases, we work with our clients to understand broad issues like measuring the health of their brands overall and across markets, learning about the behaviors of certain groups of consumers, and understanding the user-base of new (and established) technologies and entertainment mediums.


Prior to the development of marketing materials, we position our clients for success by helping them to identify the strongest entertainment projects to take forward through the green-light, product launch, and planning process and outline a strategic blueprint to aid in campaign development.


We’re experts in using market research to perfect visual marketing materials and copy, including theatrical trailer and TV ad optimization, print/package testing, and competitive release windowing.

Brand &

We have extensive experience in designing and running tracking surveys to measure anticipation prior to launch, assess the effectiveness of the marketing campaign in real time, and course-correct as indicators direct.

Post Launch

After opening weekend, premiere night, or street date, we work with our clients to assess consumer reaction. Beyond just reporting satisfaction and perceived quality, we delve into specific elements and help inform early strategy.