We are a Los Angeles-based provider of market research services for the global entertainment industry.

At MarketCast we find solutions suited to the problem, rather than reaching for one off-the-shelf. We amplify the voice of the consumer and support strategic decision making at every stage of the development and marketing life cycle for all types of entertainment content and brands. Our focus is on providing a consistent and frank dialogue with our clients to find customizable qualitative and quantitative research solutions that fit their unique development and marketing challenges.

We are 125 passionate entertainment researchers and enthusiasts working out of offices in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and London.


You have questions?

We have solutions.


Before a campaign begins, we position our clients for success by helping them to identify the strongest projects to take forward through the green-light, planning, and launch process, and outlining a strategic blueprint to guide campaign development.


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Our global creative testing services help clients optimize visual marketing materials - including trailers, TV ads, digital campaigns, and print – aiding them in crafting the most compelling, impactful campaigns possible. We leverage our wealth of historical data across entertainment properties to give our clients a sense of where they are, and how they can improve.


Using a variety of modes – including online, face to face, and social – we gauge the level of audience anticipation and provide actionable, real-time feedback, allowing our clients to course correct and adjust messaging as audiences respond to their latest campaign initiatives in real-time.


After opening weekend, premiere night, or street date, we work with our clients to assess consumer reaction. Beyond reporting playability and sources of influence, we delve into elements specific to the property to help inform early strategy leading into sequels and spin-offs.


We work with our clients to measure the health of their brands and franchises across markets, uncovering the behaviors and biases of specific consumer groups, and understanding how fans connect with all of a property’s touchpoints.

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At MarketCast, we are committed to helping our clients answer their toughest questions, whatever they may be. Whether that means digging deep into a specific demographic or developing a completely new test or tool, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and innovation in the face of even the most challenging questions.

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