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Meet the Team

MarketCast is defined by its people. Together, we have a wide array of experience and interests that factors into the team building process for each project to ensure we have an ideal fit. Whatever you come to us for, you can be sure that the team working with you will not only be committed, but excited as well.

We invite you to get to know some of the people you’re likely to meet along the way:

MarketCast Team:

Henry Shapiro

Chief Executive Officer

Henry Shapiro has more than 25 years’ experience serving in a variety of executive roles within the media sector, and been MarketCast’s chief executive since 2001. Prior to MarketCast, Shapiro worked in a number of capacities within Reed Business information, including stints as GM of Variety and of Prior to his move to the LA area, Shapiro worked at Meigher Communications, a New York-based start-up consumer magazine publisher, where he served as CFO from 1993 to 1995, and as Operations Manager from 1996 to 1998. Mr. Shapiro was previously an associate in Lehman Brothers’ media and communications group, where he was a member of a team serving the mergers, acquisitions and corporate financing needs of clients in entertainment, broadcasting, cable television and publishing. Prior to Lehman Brothers, Shapiro was an analyst and an associate at Chemical Bank, first in the Middle Market Group, and then in Syndications and Private Placements. A graduate of Harvard College and of the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, he lives in Santa Monica with his wife, two children, two beagles, and five, no wait, four chickens.

Jeremy Radisich

Executive Vice President

Jeremy is driven by a passion and appreciation for the power of storytelling. This passion is manifested in both the stories associated with the properties he consults on as well as his goal of finding the story behind every research problem. But identifying the story is just part of the equation—Jeremy’s specialty is transforming that story into dynamic, actionable strategy and supporting the client through its execution.

As Executive Vice President, Jeremy provides guidance and direction that touches all aspects of MarketCast’s business, and directly oversees a large staff of analysts whose attention is focused on servicing the company’s core clients in the entertainment industry. He has been the primary contact for studio marketers, creative executives, and key stake-holders on hundreds of theatrical and home entertainment releases, with particular expertise in the development of marketing strategy for franchises in the comic-book, family-animated, and action/adventure genres, as well as many of the biggest entertainment brands and properties that have transitioned onto the screen.

Since joining MarketCast in 1999 Jeremy has held a variety of titles and worked in many different capacities, but has always focused on refining the company’s voice and analytical approach while ensuring that he and his team meet their clients’ needs, regardless of how big or how small. Before his time at MarketCast Jeremy earned his Bachelor’s degree from U.C. Davis and his Masters Degree at U.C. San Diego, where he studied English literature and art history. At home, Jeremy is both an ardent student and an avid consumer of popular culture, typically with wife and two daughters by his side.

Greg Ferland

Managing Director

Greg helps clients by providing them the tools and results to make them look even smarter. Each client and project has different needs and goals, and determining how research can answer these questions in a timely and productive way is Greg’s main focus. While the movies or television shows constantly change, the client is constant, and Greg is here for their needs.

As Managing Director, Greg oversees key client relationships, project creation, and presentation of results. Since joining MarketCast in 1991, he has worn many hats in the organization, developing various capabilities across the firm’s research scope – beginning with Positioning/Concept testing, advertising materials testing, screenings and exit polls, brand and franchise analyses, and other custom projects. Greg is a central point of contact for many of MarketCast’s long-standing clients, and is also instrumental in making new and potential clients feel right at home at MarketCast.

Prior to MarketCast, Greg received his degree in English Literature from the University of Michigan, where he also completed courses on film theory and criticism. He enjoys working with clients across the varied entertainment research groups – theatrical, television, home entertainment, and digital.

Henry Piney

Managing Director, International

Prior to joining MarketCast, Henry worked in a range of production, business and marketing research functions, most recently running Nielsen NRG’s international business (including the re-launch of international tracking) and Frank Magid Associates, where he developed extensive experience with major video games and television companies. Outside the research space, Henry launched and ran, a start up video streaming service in conjunction with a major Scandinavian teleco. Piney began his career working for ABC News, covering a variety of major news events. Henry holds a MA from The University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where he was also recipient of the annual William and Mary scholarship. In his spare time, he ineptly chases a ball around a ‘real tennis’ court.

Frank Romo

Chief Research Methodologist

Frank Romo’s background in sociology, mathematics, applied research, and statistics has made him an integral part of MarketCast’s approach to entertainment research since 1987. As a co-founder of the company, he is responsible for determining the methodological, analytic and statistical approach applied to the company’s research, as well as the development and application of forecasting, modeling, and advanced analytics techniques. Romo received his M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Mathematical Sociology from Yale.

John Pietrolungo

Chief Financial Officer

With over 25 years of media, entertainment, and professional services accounting and finance experience, John has been instrumental in creating the company’s back-office capabilities and functionality.  He makes sure all of the trains run on time and run smoothly. Previously, John served as CFO of Modern Luxury Media and served on the board of He co-founded, a publishing company producing custom Apps and hyper-local content for both print and tablet distribution.

John graduated from UC Santa Barbara and earned an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Rachel Krauss

Vice President & General Manager | Franchise & Content Strategy

Rachel’s passion for market research was an unexpected one, but comes from her love of understanding how people think and how their decisions impact the world around them. She believes that what we learn about other people and their habits helps us, as individuals, ultimately to learn more about ourselves.

As Senior Director, Custom Research, Rachel oversees all aspects of quantitative study designs including, but not limited to, market positioning, post-release studies, franchise/brand assessments, development studies, and concept and title tests. The goal of her team is to customize its approach creatively to provide the most impactful answers to any question a client may be asking.  No two questions are the same,  hence no two projects are the same.

Before joining MarketCast in 2008 and moving back to Los Angeles where she grew up, Rachel spent ten years on the East Coast, where she worked as a Director at Dynamic Logic (NYC), the digital arm of Millward Brown, a WPP company. Prior to that, Rachel was a Senior Research Analyst at The Lewin Group in the DC metro area, where she worked with the Department of Health and Human Services and Administration for Children & Families to monitor and improve the federally-funded program, Head Start. Rachel received her B.A. in Economics and English from Colgate University in upstate New York.

Chris Rethore

Vice President & General Manager | Franchise & Content Strategy

Chris revels in breaking down strategies and brands to see how they work and then reconstituting them in new and interesting ways that make them more compelling and impactful. He believes in approaching marketing problems as you would a puzzle – taking a series of intricate, fractured pieces and through thorough analysis of consumer data, putting the various pieces together in a single, coherent whole. Understanding how consumers think and the different connections they make is key to getting an actionable picture of what they want.

As a key member of MarketCast’s leadership team, Chris consults on major global entertainment properties for existing clients and is also focused on expanding the firm’s East Coast footprint. Externally, he oversees key client relationships, pursues new research partnerships, manages MarketCast’s thought leadership initiatives, and spearheads efforts to expand MarketCast’s analytical capabilities and optimize internal processes.

Prior to MarketCast, Chris was Vice President within the Media and Entertainment Research practice at Penn Schoen Berland, a WPP company. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Chris has spent over a decade developing and optimizing marketing strategies for entertainment and media-focused consumer brands.

Bart Story

Senior Director, Research Analysis

Bart has been involved in researching various segments of the entertainment business throughout his career and has developed a keen understanding of the driving forces behind the industry. He particularly enjoys unearthing the hidden nuggets of information that lie below the surface – looking past the more obvious or expected findings to discover practical and actionable results that often prove critical to a property’s success.

Bart currently serves as a Senior Director within the Client Services department at MarketCast. Having worked on the advertising campaigns of hundreds of films over the past several years, he takes the lead role on a number of advertising materials testing projects for a variety of clients. Besides having a management role within the department, Bart also oversees MarketCast’s qualitative research work.

Bart Story joined MarketCast in 2004 after serving as the Director of Research for the Screen Actors Guild, helping to inform the Board of Directors on entertainment industry economics that, in turn, shaped much of their contract negotiations. Previously, Bart spent nearly a dozen years researching the home entertainment business, winning awards for his work at a trade publication and developing the first point of sale video rental tracking system for the industry’s trade association.

David Breihan

Executive Director, Operations

David is driven to solve challenging problems. Whether it’s planning his next mountain climb or figuring out how to improve a process, David constantly strives to get the most out of both his personal and professional life. Over the last 8 years at MarketCast, he has been instrumental in building the infrastructure necessary to support our growing operations.

As the Senior Director of Operations, David oversees everything from field operations to researching new innovations. He is passionate about understanding how everything works and spends most of his time bringing people together to meet whatever challenges need to be solved. His ultimate goal is to ensure that our client services team has the best support in the industry so that they can continue to provide our clients with the top notch service and quality advice to which they have grown accustomed over the years.

David earned his undergraduate degree in Marketing from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior / Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University. He is based in Los Angeles where he enjoys his five-minute walking commute to our office.

Jared Burwick

Senior Director, Operations & Analytics

For nearly a decade Jared has been streamlining processes and innovating workflow at MarketCast from our Boston office. In his current role as Director of Operations and Analytics, he ensures that the company’s global operation needs are met by managing analyst and field team members based in both Boston and London. Working his way through many different job roles at MarketCast has given him a unique perspective, and his blend of enthusiasm, leadership, boundless energy, and institutional knowledge have been a great asset to MarketCast. Jared has a Masters in Marketing Analytics and a Bachelors in Managerial Economics with a Marketing Concentration from Bentley University.

Chris Rabey

Executive Director, International

As a senior member of the International team, Chris is responsible for leading on major client projects and overseeing the London-based team, as well spearheading innovation and thought leadership for new research partnerships. Before joining MarketCast, Chris worked for Paramount Pictures International as Director of Media & Research, where he was a happy and satisfied MarketCast client. Whilst there he gained experience applying insight to guide campaign planning and returns from marketing.

Prior to working on the client-side, Chris started his career in Creative and Media Agencies within the DDB and Aegis Networks, planning and buying for major international clients. Chris holds a degree in Political Science and a Masters in Marketing.

Matthew Collins

Director, Franchise & Content Strategy

Beyond taking a thoughtful approach to studying brands and entertainment marketing, Matthew enjoys developing creative ways to present information and tell market research stories visually. He believes that market research is only as actionable as it is accessible.  Insights – not just data – should be delivered creatively and digestibility for everyone who works on a film, TV show, video game, or brand whether they are market researchers, marketers, producers, or developers.

At MarketCast, Matthew is a leader within MarketCast’s client services team, responsible for overseeing custom research projects for major entertainment brands, films, and TV shows, as well as working to bring MarketCast’s unique approach to research and reporting to additional verticals.

Outside of the day-to-day, Matthew brings to the table a diverse array of entertainment interests, consuming everything from high-concept sci-fi to low-brow reality to soapy teen dramas. If it’s on TV, he’s probably watching it. When he’s not meticulously managing his DVR space, Matthew is an avid gamer and movie buff with equally diverse taste in those mediums. Before joining MarketCast, Matthew was Director of Video Game Research for Penn Schoen Berland’s Media & Entertainment Group. He is an alumnus of the College of William and Mary.

Louise Hardy

Associate Director, International

Louise has been instrumental in setting up market-leading fieldwork processes and loves rolling up her sleeves and dealing with the frustrations, intricacies – but ultimately successful fulfilment – of projects in multiple countries. In addition to her overall international operational responsibility, Louise directly supervises the implementation of multi-country focus groups, exit polls, online materials testing, strategic studies and face to face surveys. Under Louise’s leadership, MarketCast’s international fieldwork has built a reputation for outstanding speed, high quality, and attention to detail.

Prior to working at MarketCast, Louise was Field Director at First Movies International and Nielsen NRG and brings almost 13 years of operational experience in film and related entertainment and media industries. Louise dabbles in floristry in her spare time and is a keen gardener.

Kathleen Sauvé

Senior Director, International

As a Yank living in London, Kathleen is fascinated to see how US culture translates overseas (or not) and how foreign cultures can inform US entertainment trends. She supervises operations and analysis for the international client services team, delivering actionable and intuitive research insights to help clients in making informed marketing decisions.

Starting her career in Los Angeles working for Nielsen NRG and then Interpret LLC from a start-up, she was initially focused on domestic research before shifting to international. Since 2007 she has conducted brand and title-level work for major film, TV and video game studios in markets around the globe. Kathleen has dual degrees in Psychology and Literature from Washington University in St. Louis. She and her English husband are constantly affirming the old adage of two countries ‘separated by a common language.’