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We Are MarketCast

Thought Leaders. Problem Solvers. Insight Generators.

“I see a complex marketing problem and I’m excited.  Big challenges are where I do my best work at Marketcast.”

“We’re always looking for new ways to help clients.  Our way of findings answers is always evolving, just like our clients’ questions.  We don’t stop until we know we’re getting the best data in the best way.”

We Are Global

Global perspective meets state-of-the art capabilities.

“Filme geworden meines Lebens. Jetzt gibt es mehr Filme, mehr Theater, und es ist toll.” (Female, 27, Germany)

“我々は独自の映画を愛しているが、アメリカ映画にも優れている.” (Male, 18, Japan)

“Я люблю взрывы и то, как 3D выглядит. Эта франшиза становится все более удивительные” (Male, 29, Russia)

“Ho tanti interessi e di intrattenimento, come il cinema è un ottimo modo per me di trascorrere del tempo con la mia famiglia.” (Female, 32, Italy)

We Are Entertainment

We see entertainment as anything that makes consumers smile.

“I live for The Hunger Games.  Like I want to be like Katniss.  I read all the books, and I’ve seen the movie like 1,000 times.  I can’t wait for the next one.” (Female, 14, U.S.)

“This looks like a great movie to see with my wife.  We like going to the theater when it’s an outing we’ll both enjoy.  This movie has something that will keep her and me happy.” (Male, 38, U.S.)

We Love Movies

Movies are the foundation on which our entertainment passion has been built.

“These superhero movies just keep getting better and better.  There’s no way I would miss this.” (Male, 23, U.S.)

“I see at least one movie every weekend.  Friends, boyfriend, it doesn’t matter.  I’m there all the time with someone!” (Female, 18, U.S.)

We’re Consumer Experts

The best insights come from knowing your consumers inside and out.

“For me, TV is best when it makes you think.  I want something that’s going to challenge me and stay with me through the week until I get to see the next episode.” (Female, 44, U.S.)

“Whatever it is, movies, TV, music, I just want entertainment to let me forget about the world.  Let me turn off for a couple of hours and just have some fun.  That’s what it’s all about.” (Male, 31, U.S.)

Who We Are

A global research-based marketing consultancy with more than 25 years of experience, MarketCast thrives on helping our clients solve their most challenging problems. We specialize in entertainment, but our reach extends far beyond motion pictures, television, and video games. At MarketCast, we see entertainment as anything that makes the consumer smile. Whether it be a trip to the movies, taking in a sporting event with friends, an evening at home watching TV, or a romantic dinner at the finest restaurant in town…

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At MarketCast we recognize that brands and entertainment properties need to manage their reputations on a worldwide basis, and look to all corners of the globe for returns. We are staffed accordingly to provide seamless coordination of projects across geographic boundaries and to provide a comprehensive understanding of international markets.

Ideas spread across borders like wildfire. We see greater connectivity as an opportunity to tap into rich sources of data and a way to provide a bridge between our clients and their consumers to help keep messaging fresh. We work with innovative methodologies across mobile, communities and buzz tracking to ensure our dialogue with consumers is relevant and always on.

We may have been around for 25+ years, but MarketCast is always evolving. Our inventiveness extends from the way we do our research and communicate with consumers to how we analyze the data to provide valuable, actionable insight. Not only are we constantly thinking of new and better ways to gather information, but to deliver it with striking visuals that tell a story.

At MarketCast, we see our clients as partners. We’re just as invested in the work as they are – we truly immerse ourselves in each project – so we take the outcomes very personally. Because of that, we work relentlessly with our clients to figure out the kinks, answer the tough and important questions, and anticipate what may be around the corner.